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Module:  jedit-mode-generator

jEdit newLISP mode generator

Author: m35, Lutz
Version: 0.42 - generates jEdit 4.2 compatable syntax
Version: 0.43 - added type 2 in sym-to-xml for 9.4.5 and after, L.M. Nov 2008
Version: 0.50 - generates jEdit 4.3 compatable syntax, added newlispdoc and deprecated symbols, m35 Nov 2008
Version: 0.51 - general code and newlispdoc improvements, added platform specific symbols, m35 Dec 2008
Version: 0.52 - added missing '@link' and fixed digit regex, m35 Dec 2008
Version: 0.53 - Fixed digit regex more, m35 Dec 2008

Written for newLISP v10, newlispdoc 2.0, and jEdit 4.3pre15

Generates the xml for a jEdit newLISP edit mode. All default primitives and symbols found in the MAIN context will be added as keywords.

Copy the file created with this program to your jEdit "modes" sub-directory in your jEdit settings directory.

Your modes directory is:

On Windows

On Linux and Mac

Be sure to also include a line in your "catalog" file, also found in your modes sub-directory. e.g.
 <MODE NAME="newlisp" FILE="generated file" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.lsp" FIRST_LINE_GLOB="#!/*newlisp*"/>
There are a number of ways you can customize jEdit's syntax highlighting. For more information, see your jEdit documentation about writing edit modes.

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