newLISP® v.10.2.1 Release Notes rev 2010-03-17

This release introduces mutable objects in the FOOP object system and some additions and changes to the API.

Note that the name change from name to term and the introduction of the new functions ++, -- and extend can create incompatibilities when running new code under older 10.0 and 10.1 based versions of newLISP or when running older code under the new 10.2 version. For these cases, the release notes show code tips, to make code run on the new and older versions.

Version 10.1.8 to 10.1.12 are versions leading up to version 10.2.0

Version 10.2.1 fixes a severe bug in setf and swap introduced in v.10.1.12.

Many thanks to all in the newLISP community who have contributed to this release with advice, discussion and code.

Mutable objects in FOOP (Functional Object Oriented Programming)

Other changes and additions

Changes and additions in external files

Bug fixes