newLISP® v.10.3.2 Release Notes rev 2011-7-20

10.3.2 is a stable maintenance release with bug fixes and efficiency improvements. Except for a new way to encode unicode/UTF8 characters in a string and a change int the way xfer-event bytes sizes are reported, no new functionality has been added or changes have been made.

For the original 10.3.0 release notes see here.


Other improvements

Bug fixes


The minimum Mac OS X version to run this release is Leopard 10.5. This release will not run on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4, but still can be compiled on this version using the default makefile_darwin_utf8 build script for Mac OS X.

All scripts running on version 10.3.0 also run on 10.3.2 without changes, except when xfer-event is used, reported xfer sizes are not accumulated.