newLISPtm v.8.5.0 Release Notes April 8th, 2005


This release improves on several localization issues. Date strings are now fully customizable and can be localized to the current locale. When running in locales using the decimal comma instead of the decimal point (more than half of the worlds countries) newLISP now correctly parses numbers using the decimal comma and formats them correctly with comma in output operations.

The Win32 installer now allows installing in any directory and will automatically change setting in the newlisp-tk.config file. The new installer will put the execution path of newlisp.exe and newlisp.dll in the Win32 OS environment. Installation of the newLISP-tk can be suppressed. frontend. This allows a slim installation for third party applications, which work with the newlisp.dll.

new or changed functionality description version
The decimal point setting from the currrent locale is now used correctly when parsing source and generating output.
The daylights savings field in the now function now shows a flag 1/0 if time  zone may have DST at certain time of the year on Linux/UNIX.  On Win32   it shows a 'daylight minutes bias' for timezones which may have DST.   Note that the flag / bias is set through all the year even if DST is not  in effect at a given moment.  May not work on all platforms.
Additional format parameter in (date num offset fmt).  See manual for details.
Win32 Installer
Win32 installation is now to $PROGRAMFILES/newlisp by default, but can be changed to a different directory causing correct settings in the newlisp-tk.config file to be generated. The installer also puts the location in the Win32 execution path. The new Win32 installer also registers newLISP correctly int "Add and Remove Programs" applet in the control panel.
pack unpack
pack and unpack now recognize a > or < flag for switching to big or little endian CPU byte order while packing or unpacking binary data.
When compiled on the Win32 platform newLISP now looks for init.lsp in the directory of the newLISP executable, not as before in the startup directory.
sort now allows specifying a userdefined sort function as second parameter, previously only ascending or descendign sort order could be specified.
nth rest slice
nth rest and slice now can take advantage of Implicit Indexing. This feature allows indexing wihout the usage of nth rest and slice. I.e. (nth 2 3 -1 MyList) => (MyList 2 3 1) or (1 MyList) => (rest MyList) etc. See the manual chapter about Indexing for details.
The new fucntion legal? allows for checking strings for correct newLISP symbol syntax. Since 8.2.6 any character sequence can be transformed into a symbol for associative hash-like data access.
args main-args
main-args now can take indices, both: args and main-args can take negative indices
object serialization
illegal symbols i.e. hash like data association database are now serialized correctly using the save and source  functions.
upload.html upload.cgi
Two new example programs where added to the example directory, demonstrating file upload using the post-url function.
This module had several updates to account for the new legal? function and sym functionality.
Many changes and additions in the documentation. The chapter about indexing as been moved from the reference into the users manual and subchapters about implicit indexing have been added.
Bugs fixed
for bugs fixed see the CHANGES log in the source distribution

The versions newLISP 8.4.4 to newLISP 8.4.10 where released as development versions.