Other Downloads

Package for Android Linux

For version 10.6.2 newlisp-ndk-10.6.2.tgz and UTF-8. For Instructions see here: ANDROID.html.

Makefile for OpenWrt

Kanen contributed this Makefile it uses unmodified 10.6.2 sources from his server. For additional informations see Kanen’s forum posts on the forum.

apt and dpkg repositories for Debian and Ubuntu Linux

For automatic upgrades, there is a third-party apt repository at dpkg.reactor-core.org.

newLISP on ARM Maemo

Norman from http://newlisp.digidep.net compiled newLISP for the Nokia N810 handheld computer.

Get newLISP v.10.1.0 for The Maemo ARMel platform here: http://newlisp.digidep.net/maemo/.

Compile and Install for Nokia N900. Thanks to Marc Hildman from www.marchildmann.de

newLISP for OS/2

Thanks to Norman for a pre-compiled OS/2 newlisp.exe based on newlisp version 10.1.5.