#!/usr/bin/env newlisp

; scan - v.1.1 port scanner in newLISP
; much faster on Mac OSX, LINUX and other UNIX than on Windows
; as on UNIX net-connect can return on failure before the timeout
; has exspired. On Windows net-connect will wait out the timeout
; if it cannot connect.
; Example:

(when (< (sys-info -2) 10204)
	(println "newLISP v.10.2.4 or later is required")

(set 'host (main-args 2))
(unless host (println [text]
- newLISP scan v1.1, a simple portscanner

USAGE: scan <host-ip-or-name> [<timeout-msec> [<from-port> [<to-port>]]]

   scan localhost 200 1 1024
   scan example.com
   scan 300 20

Default for <timeout-msec> is 1000 milli seconds
Defaults for <from-port> and <to-port> are 1 to 1024

(set 'timeout (or (int (main-args 3)) 1000))
(set 'from-port (or (int (main-args 4)) 1))
(set 'to-port (or (int (main-args 5)) 1024))

(println "scanning: " host)
(for (port from-port to-port)
	(if (set 'socket (net-connect host port timeout))
			(println "open port: " port " " (or (net-service port "tcp") ""))
			(net-close socket))
		(print port "\r"))

;; eof

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