News 2008 09

development release newLISP version 9.9.5

Lutz on Mon Sep 29 20:38:35 2008 #

• changes and bugfixes towards v.10.0

files changes and release notes:

development release newLISP v.9.9.4

Lutz on Mon Sep 22 21:39:47 2008 #

- bug-fixes for new reference modes and setf

- setf now works on string references too

- reviewed Code Patterns and Useres Manual for v.10.0

for files CHANGES and v10.0 Release notes see:

development release newLISP version 9.9.2

Lutz on Tue Sep 16 02:04:46 2008 #

This is the first development release of the new v.10.0 series of newLISP.

Several changes in this version are incompatible with the previous 9.4.x series of releases.

At the end of the CHANGES notes for 9.9.2 is a "Short conversion guide".

For files and CHANGES notes: