News 2008 12

A bayes-query bug in release 10.0

lutz on Mon Dec 22 18:50:06 2008 #

See here for details: Known Bugs

Some updated external files for the 10.0 release

Lutz on Sun Dec 14 04:07:45 2008 #
Some updates:

Thanks to m i c h a el the intro movie is online again, updated for 10.0
and as a slideshow (new):

cleaning up HTML generation in newlispdoc left some bugs and fixed here:
or here:

The stat.lsp module had bad documentation for 'stat:plot' and other problems
in 'stat:plot' and 'stat:plotXY'. Gnuplot is required for those 2 functions:
and here:

release newLISP version 10.0

Lutz on Mon Dec 8 20:36:12 2008 #

• A new generation of newLISP

Release notes:

All files: