News 2008 07

development release newLISP v9.4.4

Lutz on Sun Jul 27 21:54:03 2008 #

• fixes and minor additions, see CHANGES notes for details

files and CHANGES notes:

release update newLISP v.9.4.3

Lutz on Mon Jul 14 02:26:40 2008 #

• this is a bug fix release update for the 9.4 release

for files and release notes see:

development release newLISP v9.4.2

Lutz on Tue Jul 8 01:49:56 2008 #

• fixed a bug in the hash functionality when doing self-referential expressions

• don't allow 3rd semicolon in newlispdoc documentation line (for Emacs)
• fixes in guiserver

for files and CHANGES notes see:

update release newLISP 9.4.1

Lutz on Mon Jul 7 03:47:39 2008 #

• some missing gaps filled in reference passing

• fixed some memory leaks in matrix functions and 'count'

• HTML and PDF manual formatting updates

for users of the recent version 9.4.0 it is recommended to update to version 9.4.1


Release newLISP v 9.4.0

Lutz on Tue Jul 1 19:22:45 2008 #

• many additions, changes and bug fixes

Read more about it here:

For source and Mac OS X, Win32 and Ubuntu Linux installers see:

For documentation, tutorials and instructional videos see here:

Many thanks to all in the newLISP community who helped to make this the best release ever.