News 2010 3

newLISP stable release 10.2.1

Lutz on Wed Mar 17 20:07:44 2010 #
This version 10.2.1 replaces v10.2.0 which was retracted earlier today.

Release notes:

Version 10.2.0 retracted

Lutz on Wed Mar 17 17:56:28 2010 #
Version 10.2.0 has been retracted because of a severe error found. The bug
will be fixed in a short time and a 10.2.1 will be posted later.

newLISP stable release 10.2.0

Lutz on Tue Mar 16 20:37:22 2010 #

Stable release v.10.2.0 introduces mutable objects in FOOP and other changes and additions.

Release notes:

Modules update

Lutz on Tue Mar 9 22:23:01 2010 #

The modules section has been updated and indices for Github and Bitbucket have been added.

At least all modules in the "Standard" section are compatible with all newLISP versions between 10.0 and upcoming 10.2. Standard modules are all the shipped modules in the binary and source distributions.