Index: Standard

Standard modules shipped with the distribution

Index: ArtfulCode

Many of the modules where originally written and published by ArtulCode. Modules using FOOP may not have been updated yet to v10.2 changes.

Modules are currently (August 2011) updated to v10.3 and further developed at Scruffy Thinking.

Index: Bitbucket

source code by various newLISP users on

Index: Cormullion/newlisp-projects

Cormullion's collection of newLISP code written over the years and collected on Github.

Index: DragonDrone

Fly a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 with newLISP

Index: Dragonfly

A modern, fast web framework with a small memory footprint

Index: Github

source code by various newLISP users on

Index: RealThing

Various modules for debugging, embedding, string templating, packaging, SSL communications and more.

Index: newLISPonRockets

A framework for rapid development of web applications using Bootstrap , Jquery and SQLite

Index: Ryuo/newlisp-modules

Ryuo's newLISP modules for serial communications and interfacing to C (not finished as of Jan 2 2014).

Index: Taoeffect

Miscellanous database modules for use with the Dragonfly API.

Index: Various

Contributed modules and programs from different sources

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