Module: amazon

Functions for the Amazon-AWS EC2, S3 REST API

set-AWS-credentials    create-bucket    delete-bucket    list-all-buckets    list-bucket    put-bucket-object    get-bucket-object    delete-bucket-object    ec2-query    authorization    date    ec2-date    url-encode    url-decode   

Module: brainfuck.lsp

Brainf*ck Interpreter

Module: brill-tagger

Brill part of speech (POS) tagger interface


Module: embed

Utility for embedding

embed-save    embed-load   

Module: expand-string.lsp

Inclusion module providing string templating using expansion.

expand-string    expand-file    .expand-eval    .expand-map    default-expand-rules   

Module: getopts.lsp

Parse short and long command line options according to POSIX rules

shortopt    longopt    arg    usage    die    getopts   

Module: gsl.lsp

Selected functions from the GNU Scientific Library. Now part of the standard modules coming with the distributions.

Module: iconv.lsp

Yet Another Iconv Library

init    unwind-protect    convert    encode    decode   

Module: libevent

Low-level newlisp bindings for libevent2.

init    run    stop    watch    unwatch    watch-once    set-interval    clear-interval    set-timer    make-buffer    free-buffer    buffer-send   

Module: lsptar.lsp

Run newLISP program(s) in a tar file.

load-tar    clear-tar    read-tar   

Module: Nlex

newLISP source code lexer/tokenizer/parser

Module: plot.lsp

Routines for creating data plots. Now part of the standard modules coming with the distributions.

Module: winscript

Embedded VBScript/JScript in newLISP.

Initialize    Uninitialize    Exec    Eval    LastResult   

Module: wordnet

Queries a local copy of Wordnet 3.0 English lexical database from

morph    hypen    hypev    synsn    synsv    hypon    hypov    coorn    coorv    antsn    antsv    antsa    query    get-words   

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