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Module: brainfuck.lsp

Brainf*ck Interpreter

Version: 1.0 - first commit
Version: 1.1 - speedup by using array. doc changes.
Author: KOBAYASHI Shigeru , 2009-2011
License: MIT licence

This file is Brainfuck interpreter written in newLISP. Works newlisp v.10.2.8 (or lator).

command-line options

see details `newlisp brainfuck.lsp -help'

 eval FILENAME with memsize=30000
 $ newlisp brainfuck.lsp -memsize 30000 -eval-file FILENAME

 eval FILENAME from standard-input
 $ cat FILENAME | newlisp brainfuck.lsp -

 eval from URL-FILE
 $ newlisp brainfuck.lsp -eval-file http://localhost/bf-source.b

 convert FILENAME to C program
 $ newlisp brainfuck.lsp -bfc FILENAME > foo.c

 print "Hello World!"
 $ newlisp brainfuck.lsp -hello

 read and print loop
 $ newlisp brainfuck.lsp -eval ",[.,]"

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