News 2009 6

Release newLISP v.10.1.0

Lutz on Mon Jun 22 18:36:59 2009 #

• improved concurrency support on multi core CPUs with new messsaging API
• many other changes and additions

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Release 10.1 delayed

Lutz on Sun Jun 14 20:00:48 2009 #

Working on a new lock-less, semaphore-less messaging interface between parent and child processes launched with newLISP's Cilk API for better multi core CPU support and concurrent processing. Release 10.1. is delayed to June 22nd.

newLISP development release v.10.0.8

Lutz on Wed Jun 10 19:09:39 2009 #

• improvements in dotree, int and pack functions
• fixes and additions in newlip-edit in newLISP-GS
• syntax.cgi and newlispdoc now color newLISPdoc tags too

for files and CHANGES notes see:

newLISP development release v.10.0.7

Lutz on Mon Jun 1 18:48:49 2009 #

• changes in build process and installation
• minor changes and fixes

files and CHANGES notes: