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Integrated Development Environment

newLISP can be run like a command line utility in a terminal just like any other scripting language. Additionally it can be used from a Java based IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The IDE integrates a multi-tab, syntax highlighting editor and a console window running a second instance of newLISP.

The IDE itself is written in newLISP and talking to a Java based library server called newLISP-GS. Using newLISP-GS (Gui Server) graphics applications can be programmed in newLISP which will run out-of-the-box on Windows and macOS . On Ubuntu Linux and other Unix an extra installation of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.5 or later from java.sun.com ) is required.

The IDE is not required to develop graphical applications in newLISP. Loading only the guiserver.lsp module into the source will make all tools to write graphics applications available. The Java based GUI server is automatically started when the program loads guiserver.lsp.

The Help menu option in the IDE has links to manuals and many demo applications to learn using guiserver.lsp.

screenshot MacOS X     screenshot UBUNTU Linux     screenshot Windows

macOS                   Linux                    Windows

Syntax highlighting editor/IDE written in newLISP and a Java based Graphics Server