puts the fun newLISP button back in Lisp



Generate Postscript graphics using newLISP. See source and demos here and more images here.

HTML-5 Canvas

Generate Canvas graphics in browser HTML pages using this canvas module

The module's API is compatible with the postscript module and can generate the same graphics.

button logo

Vertical Button logo

Button logo

Logo art © by Michael Michaels from neglOOk


Vertical newLISP logo

Logo vertical

Horizontal newLISP logo

Logo horizontal

Art by Brian Grayless.


Wallpaper black

Wallpaper 800x600 black
Wallpaper 1024x768 black
Wallpaper 1280x960 black

Wallpaper metal with code background

Wallpaper 1920x1200 metal with code background

Art by Brian Grayless.

Splash Screen

Chris Downs wrote configuration files for different splash screens for booting LINUX with art based on the above wallpapers newlisp-splash.tgz .