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News 2009 1-5

newLISP development release v.10.0.6

lutz on Thu May 21 00:10:59 2009 #

• minor feature enhancements
• bug fixes

for files and CHANGES notes see:


newLISP development release v.10.0.5

Lutz on Wed May 13 20:11:38 2009 #

• a new xfer-event for monitoring HTTP byte transfers

• postgres.lsp module for PostgreSQL

• bug fixes

for files and CHANGES notes see:


Module postgres.lsp for PostgreSQL

Lutz on Tue May 12 03:47:25 2009 #

A new newLISP module for PostgreSQL is available here:


New mysql.lsp module working too for 64-bit newLISP/MySQL

Lutz on Tue Apr 28 19:57:16 2009 #

A new mysql.lsp here:


will work on 32-bit newLISP as well as 64-bit newLISP and will also work on MySQL v.5.0 and 5.1. The old mysql5.lsp and mysql51.lsp will be eliminated. The new mysql.lsp may also work on 4.x versions, but I haven't tried.

The modules crypto.lsp and zlib.lsp have also been tested on 64-bit newLISP and do not need any changes, except for adding the appropiate library paths.

development release newLISP v.10.0.4

Lutz on Sun Apr 19 12:03:40 2009 #

• a more general expand and letex
• improved precision and smaller code size in prob-z

Files and CHANGES notes:


development release newLISP v.10.0.3

Lutz on Wed Mar 25 05:49:05 2009 #

swap now exchanges any two places
• bug fixes

Files and changes notes:


Multiline statements in the newLISP-GS REPL

Lutz on Fri Mar 13 18:19:54 2009 #

[cmd][/cmd] tags are now usable in the Java front-end of newLISP. Pick up a new guiserver.jar in the development

http://www.newlisp.org/downloads/development/ directory

Maintenance release newLISP v.10.0.2

Lutz Mueller on Mon Mar 9 19:03:18 2009 #

• new read-utf8 reads utf8 characters from file handles.

• treatment of the status response line in CGI files by newLISP server has changed and is documented in the "Code Patterns" document.

directory? function now insensitive to trailing slashes on Win32

For other changes and bug-fixes see the doc/CHANGES file in the source distribution.

For downloads for other platforms besides Windows see the Downloads page.

new HTML-5 Canvas module

Lutz on Sat Feb 28 19:26:40 2009 #

The new HTML-5 canvas module is available here:


Requires browser installation of Safari 4.0 beta or Firefox 3.1 beta 2 or latest Opera. All three are available on Mac OS X and Win32 OSs. Firefox also on Linux.

Some additions and changes to the postscript module have been made to be compatible with the canvas module.

newLISP project submitted to Freshmeat

Lutz on Sun Feb 15 04:26:52 2009 #

Project data for newLISP and an initial announcement have been submitted but it goes through a verification process first.

Manage Twitter.com with newLISP

Lutz on Thu Feb 12 19:43:13 2009 #

Post, view and delete messages on twitter.com. Source code here and also linked from Tips and Tricks.

Shell Games training videos update

Lutz on Wed Feb 11 08:23:57 2009 #

Shell Games training videos have been updated here:


Comparison of newLISP to other Lisp flavors

Lutz on Fri Feb 6 00:08:31 2009 #

The page, also linked from the home-page:


has been redone and expanded to address recent questions in discussions on comp.lang.lisp

edits/corrections are welcome on http://www.alh.net/newlisp/phpbb/

release newLISP version 10.0.1

Lutz on Fri Jan 9 00:21:37 2009 #

newLISP v.10.0.1 this is a maintenance release for version 10.0 with minor feature enhancements, bug fixes and documentation updates. For details see the updated release notes.

Release notes: http://www.newlisp.org/downloads/newLISP-10.0-Release.html

All files: http://www.newlisp.org/downloads